Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mass confusion in the silence

I'm sure you've all experienced that point in the silent crowd that just seems to drive you mad. You know when the only thing and I mean only thing you can hear is your own thoughts. It's as if the whole body of people surrounding you is wait to hear your next thought. They may not look at you but they can hear. They hear the comment you made on the cute guy walking across the food court. They hear about how depressed your life seems, How you hate all the events that have happened in a long time. It feels like maybe they are smirking. A small smile on the inside of their heads that they Think only they can see. What they don't know is that I'm countering their attack on my mind. They only see what I want them too. I want to see how they react to pain, love, beauty, hate, anger, confusion. They don't know that as they try to read through my thoughts and figure it out, I've already figured them out. I wander if they can see that small smile printed in bold sharpie across the front of my mind. Do they know that while they smirk because they think they know, I smirk because I DO know. They can't keep up and then I laugh aloud and the crowd is back to normal. The conversations continue and no one I mean no one has been able to crack the code to that one bolted door that hides what I don't want them to know. Oh well Better luck next time. --The shadow on your wall--

And now some of my older works. And tomarrow some of my newer:

These Tears
Today I found myself,
Someone I've been looking for,
I was happy the day was good,
Then... I lost me again,
They pawned all the problems on me,
My heart brakes but never heals,
They keep smashing it with a hammer,
The peices of the puzzle
Keep getting smaller, and smaller,
If I can't solve this puzzle I'll lose me,
If I lose myself again I'll be lost forever,
But still all I an do is cry,
Only thing that happens are these tears,
My tears freeze in the midst of time,
If I don't hurry I'll drowned and be lost.
Rebekah Cooper "05"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm sure that if your looking at my thoughts, on which this page is constructed, then you either know me or want to. Just some background on the Owner. I'm 17 years old and will be 18 in April. I'm a Senior in high school, a freshman (almost sophomore) in college. My major is Native American Studies. I will probably be either a linguist, archaeologist, or anthropologist. My goals in life are to be successful in my career, have all my stuff in line, and then get married and possibly have a child. Yeah that's far off in the future. What can I say I like to plan things out. Just a random thought that popped up in my head *The colonists during the first winter in America resorted to cannibalism. I wonder how many of those people eat their fellow colonists brains and contracted Kuru or the other two diseases?* Okay sorry I'm back. Anyway cannibalism isn't a funny business and I hope you didn't just laugh at that. It was an honest thought. Anyway. I love horror films, I love old time black and white movies, Music is the essence of my life without music I would deteriorate right here and now. Music constantly plays in my head and I have a hard time concentrating when there isn't music whether it be in my mind or on the stereo. Right now I'm listening to Gives you Hell by All American Rejects. Okay, what else have I left out. I have 2 sisters, Meg is 12 almost 13 and Zoya is 3 (Zoe). Okay so I'm bored with you for now so I'll write back later when I get bored with someone else.


The mysterious shadow figure on the wall.